Our Biography: who are we ?

TheM33z are a 4 piece band from Manchester, UK (not Michigan, USA!) . Although, saying that, they are currently exiled in the South East of England. Guildford to be precise !

So just who are TheM33z then ? Over the years there have been many unsubstantiated rumours, some of the more unlikely ones being that they are: time-travellers from ancient Michigan; aliens; a horrible cloning experiment gone wrong and even more bizarre that they are really the same person !

Well, at last it can be revealed who this media shy, elusive band really are. Just click on each of the band members !

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TheM33z biography Dick K - keyboards, production, engineering, writes music and designer of this website

Dick K is the oldest in the band and works in the computer industry by day. He is very proud that he has never travelled outside Guildford, where he lives and owns the famous Field Studios. This is also where the band record and produce their music. Dick K writes some of the music, does all the production and keyboards and with what little spare time he has left, he writes and updates this website. 

"I love Guildford, why go anywhere else ? That's what I say to the rest of the band (who all come from Manchester), but particularly Ricardo A, who always goes on about travelling and Richie V who swears Manchester is the best place in the world. As for TheM33z, I am the 5th Beatle, the George Martin of the band. Richie V always wants to sing and Ricardo A just wants to play guitar; Rick D and I have a hard time with these boys. I love producing music, and who knows some day, if the band ever splits up, I'll carry on producing for other bands. My favourite sounds are strings, especially the violin, and you'll find my influence on many of the softer songs like The Ice Maiden.  I hope I create the balance and that unique TheM33z sound. "


At his own recording studio, Field Studios


.Rick D  - drums

Rick D is seen as the fun guy in the band who doesn't like conflict. Everyone likes him ! He works as a chief by day (in a famous restaurant in Guildford) and drums by night. He met Ricardo A in Winchester while studying gardening and unsuccessfully tried to start a band. Luckily they kept in touch and here they are together again !

"Drums and food. That's me, in that priority and luckily I can do all two! Food - especially curries are my passion. I love 'em. Drumming is like cooking - it's all in the timing and ingredients. It's art ! I first started cooking when I was very young, starting on cakes and finally working up to that ultimate in gastronomical perfection: The Indian Curry. Unfortunately having visited Thailand on a food-exchange program I discovered even more tastier food ! Currently my house specialties are veggie Indian curries - all available at very reasonable prices ! [Better stop plugging this one now - Dick K is getting impatient].

Anyway I get the band together, with so many big egos they need someone like me to stop them from falling out. Guess who has the biggest ego in the band ? Just look at our photo's to find that one out !
As for the music, my favourite is the last track, 'Switch off the TV', cos it's got lots of drums. With Ice Maiden and The Sea, when the rest of them were recording,  Dick K kept me locked out of the studies!  I wasn't happy! Luckily there was a India takeaway nearby.. "




. Richie V  - vocals, wind instruments, lyrics

A Mancunian builder by trade, Richie V put the band together. Richie V also has had a brief solo career, but his heart is really in the band. He met  Dick K while studying at music school in Guildford.

"I am the front-man of the band and this is my band. I started writing music in Manchester and gradually built up the band over the years. My band has had it's highs and lows, and even line up changes over the years, but I always knew we would finally get it together. Now, together, we form TheM33z. I couldn't do this without the boys.  I write most of the songs and sing in all of them. I like to think I give the band it's distinctive sound, with my voice as the instrument. Hopefully sometime in the future we'll do some music video's - if Dick K ever has time ! Hey, watch out for our live interviews and maybe even a radio series too ! "

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Some renovation work

'Solo' singing career


. Ricardo A - guitars and violins, mainly writes the music and some lyrics

Ricardo A, the is currently in-between jobs. In fact he has been between jobs for quite some time, much to the disgust of fellow TheM33z member, Dick K. Ricardo A has also been an actor, a painter and has studied philosophy (don't get him started on this one). His acting career spanned Winchester, Teesside, Manchester and Guildford where he has played in some Shakespeare plays and the most famous part - as a dead body ! He has also travelled extensively around the world over the past 10 years and is the source of most of the photo's and art-work you see in the album. He is by far the coolest, most laid back member of TheM33z !

"Cool.... They weren't ready for my acting & art, so now I'm concentrating on the guitar and the band, man. I'm the backbone of the songs. Most music of the songs were written by me, and you can hear my guitar in the background. Sometimes though, Dick K, takes down the volume of the guitar and sometimes even swaps the sound for a keyboard in the final mix, but hey, I'm cool about it ! I work quite closely with Richie V in writing the songs. You know we met in Teesside, Richie V and I ? 

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Composing on a Monday while some people work!