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The M-33 is a highway in Michigan, USA, but it's also a name of a 4 piece band from Manchester, UK !
TheM33z The founder member is Richie V, the song writer & vocalist of the band. The other members of TheM33z play electric & acoustic guitar, various keyboards, wind instruments, violins, drums and produce all their material. They have been recording for a few years now and finally, the long awaited first album is out 'Postcards from the Outside'

The album is difficult to describe. Some say they are Manchester's answer to Leonard Cohen while others say they are more like 'The Cure'. Their music is generally ambient influenced by Coldplay, Moby, Evanescence, Radiohead, REM, James, Joy Division, OMD and even Gustaf Mahler.

If you like happy, uplifting, fun music then this album is probably not for you !  But don't go away, why not read all about the boys in their biography and find out more?

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